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SSH server is a protocol or secure entry point using files sent from a unix network system. All network paths are kept secret can only read one network and also can not capture passwords.As the name suggests, a secure Shell connection, SSH stands for Secure Shell Connection. In contrast to Telnet and FTP, connections made by the SSH network have been more encrypted using several technologies. No #1 Fast and Speed SSH Providers. Our service is now 30 Days active. Select and use the server closest to your area because it will determine the speed of access. Our service limits every day to only around 20 - 100 users per server, so that it is not easy to slow access. come on and prove our ssh is the best. Description of Open Port: TCP and UDP protocol | OpenSSH: 22,109,110 | Dropbear 443,143.80 | SSL: 444 | Badvpn: 7300 | Squid: 3128,8080 . Our server adapts users, and also support for online games and whatsapp calls .





Information SSL/TLS Server Singapore 1 :
  • Hostname IP :
  • Hostname IP : SSL
  • Location Server : Singapore DO
  • Port : OpenSSH : 22,109,110 | Dropbear 80,143,444 | SSL/TLS : 443
  • Maximum Create per Day : 20
Sometimes changes in the validity period of the account are not appropriate due to misuse of other users, with violations of our T.O.S, such as torrents, sharing accounts with other parties, and spamming.


SSH is a secure connection network, if you use this network it will have the option to authenticate from a remote user before connecting to the network. This system is able to send input from the SSH client to the host or the central server. Next will send the results back to the client server. When connecting SSH to one of the server's IP addresses, you can change the settings on the server according to the user being used. Besides connecting to the OSX network, you can also connect to other operating systems, such as Windows and Linux. How it works is to use the SSH client server model, where the SSH client will connect to the SSH Server. In the process of connecting to the SSH Server, the SSH Client will use a cryptographic key, the function of which is to verify and identify the intended SSH Server.

Open source software that is very useful for Linux operating systems, such as wireless routers. SSH Dropbear servers are relatively lightweight for clients, running on various POSIX-based platforms. Generally Openssh and Dropbear are the same in the data encryption protocol using ssh, but Dropbear is safer than openssh because Dropbear can include compatible with openssh. Even the most popular Dropbear is used for free internet tunneling because this software it is easy to find bugs and hosts that support ssh. Dropbear can run on small memory where Dropbear can compile to 110KB which is statically linked binary with uClibc on x86.

Stunnel is a free SSL wrapper script or software that functions to package or wrap standard TCP packets to be encrypted. This software has a free internet connection, because with this stunnel users will often be able to pass bypass on firewall protection. So that when the internet / ISP account quota is running low and even runs out, the user will still be able to connect. Users need to know that Stunnel is a type of open source software, so it can be used to do SSH tunneling. Stunnel can also be used by users to provide secure encrypted connections for use on client servers.


We are an experienced SSH provider, we started a few years ago, the server we provide is enough to make you comfortable and safe. Our port is not for Dropbear, OpenSSH, Stunnel, UDPGW badvpn and Squid proxy. You can choose according to your needs, our SSH speed can be compared with others. all of our server services use Vultr, Digital Ocean, One Asia Host etc. Give support to us, and use it wisely